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Digital Marketing Solutions

SEOTEC, A Single gateway for all your brand marketing requirements.

Brands driven by Ideas!

SEO Analytics

SEO is becoming the need of business, As early you start investing in SEO, it will reward in the form of unlimited business leads in future. We are best in keyword research and applying right sustainable growth strategy.

CRM and Funnels

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a need of all brands now a days, prompt response and personalization is becoming important for companies for converting their visitors into qualified leads and after that their promoters.
We are a team of experts who will help you implement the customized CRM touch points according to your business need. We are specialized in HubSpot and ZOHO CRM.


PPC is one of the best ways to get fast ROI (Return on your Investment). We help our customers to bring targeted audience through google ads, social media ads placement and
setting up best strategies according to their business goals.

eCommerce Analytics

If you are running an e-commerce business, it becomes necessary to monitor SKUs and their performance based upon the demand, pricing and dead stock. Our custom build reports help e-commerce business to run smoothly with maximum profits.
We are experts of Amazon Seller Central (FBA and FBM), Walmart Seller Portal, Shopify Analytics etc.

Website Development

Experienced in developing websites from scratch according your business needs, we work on latest web development technologies to make our customers competent in the market.
Our Core: (WordPress, React Native, HTML, CSS and JAVA etc.)

Social Media

Social Media marketing has become a need for business, A right approach on social media can bring a big change into your brand identity, Popularity of various social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have become a major part of people's life. Identifying the persona and target them with the right message can lead to a massive success.

Content Marketing

Building a website is not enough, posting a valuable content on regular interval its the most important part for building a product and brand reputation. SEOTEC is expert in delivering engaging content to its client for better outreach.

Influencer Marketing

Growing number of influencers are helping brands to reach
their targeted audience in the matter of seconds, we have a pool of influencers connected with us to help your brand in reaching next level and increase your conversion rates massively.
Influencer marketing is helpful in new product launch, expansion, and promotion of new offers.

Working For IndustriesStartupse-commerceConstruction

We unleash your business potential by maximising the innovation.

Give your Brand a new life
and build your brand value Differently.]

How we Work ?

We follow a seamless Process.

Following a process make things easy for both of us, our clients get a transparent idea of work scope and we also get enough understanding about the vision of our customer for their brand.

Identify Goals

Identifying client's goal and objectives is the first step of our process. It help us in choosing the right path.

Identify your Customers

We identify the right target audience bases upon your brand positioning and market offerings.

Identify your Competitors

Once we understand the target audience, it time to search what your competitors doing different ?

Strategy Buildup

When we have an idea about your goals, prospects and competition, we come up with the strategy.

Plan of Action

Its time for proposing the right plan of action, scope of work and payment terms for your approval.

Getting it approved

Once the requirement is fixed, proposal is shared it time to take your approval on mutually agreed terms and conditions.


Its time to make a project and assign it to the team and appoint the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for you.

Analytics and Reports

Make use of the collected data and optimizing our process accordingly is our main USP. Giving you best ROI is our company's goal.

Key benefits of choosing us

Best ROI

Creative Digital Marketing

A transparent process