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What’s New in Google’s Core Update Aug 2022? 

What's the update?

As an extension of its efforts to improve user experience by providing them with original, relevant content, Google has announced plans for a new algorithm update called “helpful content.”

With this latest release, Google has introduced a new site-wide signal that will automatically look at things like the quality of your backlinks, the relevancy of content on your website page, and so on. It’s basically an automatic way to tweak your SEO. And because it uses machine learning, it can adapt to changes over time.

If your content has too much useless, irrelevant, non-valuable content, then it will be less likely to get good results from Google.

The feature will initially work on English queries worldwide and will eventually roll out for other language searches in the future.

How will it impact the exiting websites ?

We always knew that content should be original and add real value to its reader. Now we know even more!

With advances in technology and content generation platforms, there is much content being generated in last few years and its going to be massive in future. In most of the cases, it’s just a spin of already available content on web. It is leading to an increase in content creation but not in quality content.

Make sure your visitors feel they’ve gotten something useful out of your content by making them feel they’ve learn something new, Broad Core Algorithm update is to make sure to provide quality and useful piece of content to the consumers.

The new update states, “Focus on creating great content for users, not just for web crawlers.” While we all know “content value supersede SEO,” doesn’t this mean you shouldn’t focus on SEO guidelines? Absolutely not! SEO will always remain an important part of your marketing strategy. However, it should not be the only thing you’re focusing on. Your website needs to provide excellent user experience (UX) if you want to rank higher in the SERPs.

If you really read about this new google update, It nothing new. It’s just another step in Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update to improve the quality of the search results. But Yes, its not the part of Link Spam Update or Product Reviews Update these two are different. 

Who should get alarmed with this new Google Algorithm Update ?

It would be a good update for everyone who creates quality content, but it doesn’t bode well for those who knowingly/unknowingly don’t. If you’re doing any of these things listed below, best would be to start changing them right away.

  • Using AI tools blindly to spin out content of existing ranked page.
  • Without any regard for whether the topic is relevant to your audience, talking about random topics just so you can attract more visitors
  • Publishing several similar content articles or blogs but every time targeting different keywords in each one
  • Adding lots of keyword phrases and promotional links in your articles


Who shouldn't get affected much ?

Those who add value to their audiences don’t need to worry. If you fall into any of these categories, you’re good to go!

  • Someone who believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is a friend to content, not someone who writes articles using AI technology.
  • A person who produces good quality, useful, entertaining, or educational material just because it is something they enjoy doing, rather than out of any desire to get rich quick.
  • A person who follows Google’s SEO guidelines, doesn’t abuse them. Meaning no keyword spamming, no cloaking, hidden links or texts, no phishing or spoofing.
  • A person who has kept his/her websites clean from low-grade content

Finally, How to deal with this new Broad Core Algorithm Update ?

Remove the unnecessary and low quality content.

If you don’t have any helpful content, articles or information on your website, move them away from your main brand website, If you want that the existing articles should there so better to move them on any other domain and They can still be found elsewhere online.

However, remember that websites with too much irrelevant stuff won’t get ranked well by search engine spiders. It might take several months for a site to get classified properly. So, better to clean up any unnecessary junk now.

Are you providing enough value for your visitors?

According to a survey, 91% of B2B brands are using content marketing to attract visitors and market themselves. And 71% say they have a good business from content marketing in 2022. What’s even crazier is that they want to increase their overall budgets for content marketing in coming years.

Content is extremely important. If you ask yourself these questions before posting anything, you’ll be able to create better posts.

  • Are my posts unique? Even if they say something similar to what another blogger has already written, does it add anything new? Does it provide any value for readers?
  • Will my audience gain some knowledge from reading it?
  • Is this content useful for my readers? and gives them the answer to their queries.
  • Would I recommend this to a friend?
  • Is the content comprehensive enough? Does it address all the aspects of a topic?
  • If you write in a way that makes it easy for your readers to skim through your writing, they’ll probably continue to read it.
  • Am I adding the most recent statistics and data for this topic?
  • Does the examples sound believable, relevant, detailed, and complete?

Ensuring good presentations and hygiene, as well as proper SEO practices, will be done if you answer these questions. However, keeping things relevant to what matters most — making sure people stay engaged — is always key.

Show emotion in your writing

Please add your own thoughts

People trust information that comes from an expert source. To keep your information from being lost, return to it and make changes. Add your own thoughts and opinions to the original piece. You can also include links to related articles if you think they would help readers understand your topic better.

Be specific and focused

Bots cannot understand what’s on someone’s mind; therefore, AI cannot write articles that convey accurate emotion. As a result, AI writers do not do anything: they just write. However, for content completely written by an AI writer, you can add some human touch by adding emotions and below tips.

  • Ask questions that require an answer.
  • Use first person voice
  • Include examples from personal experience
  • Add your own personal touches (the tone and references you’d choose for yourself).
  • Remove unnecessary keywords from your content.


Google algorithm changes can be pretty nerve-wracking for SEO strategists and site owners, but the best way to stay out of trouble is to continue creating useful, engaging content. 

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