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SEOTEC – Awarded with the best Google ads agency in Gurgaon.

Google AdWords for your brand success.

SEOTEC has recently awarded with the best google ads agency in Gurgaon during the Ad tech expo held in New DELHI. Its one of the popular digital advertising and technology conference organized every year.

Why Google ads are important?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows you to promote your business, products, and services. It can be used for any type of business including e-commerce, local or online stores. You can use it to promote your website, blog, services, or any product to the Target Audience.

SEOTEC is the best google ads agency in Gurgaon and handles millions of ads budget for its customers and offers them the best PPC services in Delhi/NCR

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We will implement the right inbound strategy for your business and sail you through the high marketing competition.

What are the different types of google ads?

Advertising platforms allow you to advertise your business or services via the Google search engine. There are various types of advertisements which include: 

  • Full-page display advertisement (FPDO)
  • Search Ads
  • Enhanced full display advertisement (E-Display)

Banner ads appear at both the top & bottom of each search result page, FPDOs appear only on certain pages while E-Display ads appear on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones.

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Why do you need a google ads agency for your brand?

With increased competition in digital marketing companies, quality clients, and consistent demand for digital marketing services is also getting increased in past few years, we have seen a significant rise in the demand for google ads agencies. Clients have been requesting us to help them optimize their spending and get better results through efficient campaigns.

So when you consider investing in Google Adwords, don’t hesitate to partner with SEOTEC an experienced and expert google ads agency in Gurgaon, that has created successful strategies using the latest digital marketing techniques.

Reasons to choose SEOTEC as your google ads agency in Gurgaon?

We create innovative ad copy that will attract new visitors while converting existing traffic through a strong call to action

  • We will be developing creative landing pages that are highly responsive and engaging.
  • Tailoring the campaign according to audience demographics
  • PPC Services 
  • Interest targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Content targeting (including video)
  • We will Analyze data to understand how well Google ads perform and what needs to be improved (We conduct surveys through email marketing and also do A/B testing of Ad copies) 
  • Creating effective copy writings that convert potential leads into qualified prospects
  • Developing effective conversion funnels and tracking user behavior
  • Reporting performance metrics to determine if changes are needed so we can improve your campaign over time.

Who should use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a very powerful tool that allows you to target your customers based on their specific requirements. If you are not sure who would benefit most from this platform, read our blog posts or you may contact us for a free consultation on Digital marketing through google ads.

If you want to get succeed in advertising on Google AdWords 2022, you need to understand what all keywords and ads will bring you the greatest return on investment (ROI).

This means understanding what type of customer is using your products or services and how search terms or google queries related to your business. In addition, you must understand the cost-per-click (CPC) rates for each of your campaigns.

The conclusion is if you want to get immediate marketing qualified leads, you should immediately start doing google ads as your main digital marketing activity and for that, you may hire an expert google ads agency also. 

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Tips for hiring a google ads agency in Gurgaon!

Digital Marketing is becoming a need of every business in today’s growing digital advertising solutions and online marketing campaigns.

While all businesses should be present on social media platforms and search engines, not everyone knows that most people choose to use google to look for information about local businesses.

So how will your company benefit from using the internet as its sales channel? In this article, we are exploring how a creative online marketing campaign can help you and improve the performance of your business.

Why do you think so many companies struggle with website optimization and search engine rankings?

There are only two reasons: Either they don’t know what the problem is, or they haven’t found an effective way to fix it. To simplify things even further — there are five basic ways to optimize your own site or blog. These include

  • Keyword research
  • Ad copywriting
  • Content creation,
  • Landing pages 
  • Content distribution. 

So these are the five parameters you should always check with your google ads agency and what is their strategy the same.

How to calculate the google ads budget?

The question is quite common and daunting too, usually, we want to determine how much money we can allocate for Google Ads vs SEO services.

The real meaning of the question is What percent of people googling a term is actually clicking on your site/page? 

After the launch of the ad network, we were able to reach a new audience with the help of google ads and it has helped us increase our revenue by 50-60%. The cost of running these campaigns is very low and results are consistent,” said Sandeep Bansal, co-founder at digital marketing agency based in USA which provides media buying solutions to companies in India and abroad.

If you understand the ad targeting well, it’s very easy to get an idea of your ads budget, in a Google ads account, you can get the recommendations based on the location and target audience, we recommend choosing the right digital marketing agencies can lead you the best ROIs in your target market

Hack of being at the top of the searches

Visuals are the most important memory which resides in our brain. We remember the images which we see more than the text. In today’s world, we’re getting attracted to ads that are displayed on the internet regarding various products and brands. This is where Google AdWords plays its role by advertising your business on google searches.

Are you looking for higher conversions? Choose our PPC services in Gurgaon.

With PPC marketing, you can generate leads online. SEOTEC is an expert Google ads company in Gurgaon. It offers PPC services such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content creation, link building, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, etc. Once the leads get converted, our team tracks the return on investment and grows the database of leads and markets. We make the difference.

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